"La prison des regards"



« La prison des regards »

Une fille tente de se libérer de son propre regard, de ses conventions.
Elle lutte contre ses mains qui ont pris le contrôle de son corps nu, de son visage. Lentement, le nu se révèle pour s’exposer enfin tout entier, les mains domptées acceptent le message de cette nudité.
« That man »

In that ground, there’s that man lying down while being inside of the shadow.

The shadows danced behind his back and then...

...they whisper him with a simple question:

« Who are you exactly? »

And that man turned his head to the shadows and answered this:

« Is this important for me or you to have an answer that you already know?
I am a simple one nothing more nor less.
Did my answer give you a satisfaction? »


After a while, they stared each other until that man disappeared without any trace like he never existed...

The shadows still wonder :

« Who’s that man?... »


"That man"



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